FC Infos & Rules

When inquiring into any new FC, recruits tend to have many of questions regarding what the FC environment is like. Please read below as we have tried to outline what we stand for and what to expect.
  • VK houses people with disabilities, depression, social disorders, all kinds of sexual preferences, ethnics, ethics, political views, age groups and opinions. We expect acceptance and understanding as every individual is different in some way or another and what one person might find acceptable is considered completely unacceptable by another.
  • We are a mature FC. You can talk about anything and have different opinions. That’s cool. But if conversations get personal and out of line, please be mature enough to accept the fact that the fun is over and you might have crossed a line. If things get out of hand or words are being crossed in FC chat the council will reserve the right to step in and ask you to be considerate. Also please be mindful that some people are more sensitive when it comes to certain things than others. You are allowed to dislike and disagree, but also do not try to push your views on others.
  • We all have bad days and problems will arise in any family, specially one that contains so many members of different cultures, ideals and all the other fun stuff, but the point is to make sure they don’t get out of hand and we can continue to function in a fun environment.
What does this mean?
  • None of our events or raids are mandatory.
  • Our weekly meetings are not mandatory, but we suggest you attend for entertainment and up to date news on FC happenings, also the events that follow after the meeting.
  • You can come and go, as you like.
  • We expect you to enjoy a drama free environment.
  • You can talk or not, though we have a very friendly group, so don’t miss out.
  • We enjoy playing with one another and provide an extremely helpful environment.
  • We wont force you to play roles you don’t want to play as.
Don’t expect this to change: even though we provide raids for our members and all other endgame events, we remain as our founders made us, a relaxed FC.
What does this mean?
  • It means that your life, health, family, job and or even drinking parties will always be more important than this game. Do your thing, take care of yourself and we will be waiting for you online when you return.
  • We consider this important for our members and our officers alike. Because of this, taking a decision or reacting on your suggestions could take a bit longer…
  • It means we try to take our time to create events that are well thought of and enjoyable for all (members and officers alike).
  • It means that your suggestions are taken very seriously, but due to our nature it will take a short period of time to make adjustments.
  • We understand that people can have a day off.
  • Language -> Please make sure to make everyones playtime enjoyable by refraining from using foul language.
  • No elitism!
  • VK has a 100% “No Discrimination” policy, which will be strictly enforced as soon as we sense any kind of hostility or lack of respect. We offer 1 official warning, no more.
  • Respect one another at all times.
  • Say Hi/Bye when you login/logoff. These two short words can change the athmosphere in the fc chat a lot. If you one day not feel it, that’s fine. But the general will stay, so please use Hi/Bye!
  • Communication is everything, if you don’t speak up then we cant know about it, for things to work there needs to be communication between both parties.
  • Use proper language, it’s not mandatory but we ask that all be civil, especially when MINORS are on. Besides the children factor, this is done to ensure that we do not say things that some members might not feel comfortable with.
  • Remember we play with people from all over the world, with different languages and customs, so what might not be insulting to you, can be for another culture.
  • If issues or misunderstanding arise, which they do in every family, please do not take it into FC chat, please approach an officer if the two parties involved cannot solve the issue on their own.
  • Your suggestions, comments, concerns will always be important to us, please pass them on and we will make sure to implement anything that will make your time with us more enjoyable and will get back to you will feedback, if not immediately in due time.
  • No Stress, relaxed fun.
  • No Elitist behavior and/or language (example -> noob), this breeds resentment and we don’t want any member to have a strained relationship with their fellow members. Remember we are relaxed not hardcore.
  • No rushing (unless stated and approved by all in party), we all want to enjoy those awesome stories/cut scenes that Square Enix lays out for us. If you want to enjoy an old cut scene, just let your fellow members know.
  • As a relaxed FC we like to play as any job that we like, ask nicely if a position needs to be filled, but we do not force anyone to be a certain job.
  • Respect each other, and under no circumstances blame things on one another when things go wrong. Make adjustments and kindly suggest different ways of doing things to try to improve the run.
  • Always -> ALWAYS HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOURSELF! The most important part of VK is just playing and enjoying your time online with your fellow FC members.
Although we are a relaxed FC, we offer all sorts of options for our members. If something is requested we try our best to offer as many possibilities as possible. But please be reminded that we are a relaxed FC, where nothing is mandatory and we will not convert to a hardcore FC due our offerings.
    You will start off as an “Initiate” with limited access rights to FC features, this is to ensure that you feel at home, a trial period for both you and the fc. In order to be promoted, you will have to be online during meeting times. If you cannot make meeting times, make an officer aware of these things and if deserved you will be raised in rank when you time or accomplishments merit your rank raise.
  • WEEKLY EVENTS (ALL EVENTS ARE NON-MANDATORY) VK provides weekly events for it’s members. Those are “Mythical Midweek” (short: MM), “Saturday VK Meeting” and VK Raiders. We offer many more events organized by our members and/or officers; some seasonal, some are organized for longer periods. We are always creating new ways to involve our new members into our family of established members. This means we create events and raids where all involved get to know each other a little better.
    • MM (Wednesdays, 8pm) is a transitional event intended to bring together veterans and new recruits alike. The more we party together and share together the stronger we will be as an FC. Intended to help you clear primals, early coils, or some other dungeon you might need for whatever reason.
    • THE GATHERING/MEETING (Saturdays, 8:30pm, UK-Time!!) A tradition started with VK version 4 (check our history for more information). We meet in our house (basement) and talk about FC-related topics, do promotions, and most importantly listen to all members’ suggestions, questions or concerns, because you the members are the most important part of this FC and your voice is important. If you feel that giving your suggestions, concerns or asking questions during the meeting is putting you on the spotlight and you don’t feel comfortable with that, then please feel free to pull a council member to the side and give your information that way. If you don’t tell us your concerns, we cannot guess them. It’s also an opportunity to learn some nifty dance moves or just get a lap dance from a legendary member! Flash!! We usually end our meetings with a social event. Small note on meeting, we request that you refrain from using the FC chat during the meeting, so that all those that are still partying or just fishing and don’t want to join, still have an opportunity to listen to what the FC happenings are.
    • OTHER EVENTS The events can be hosted by any vagabond, as long as they have clear plans, instructions and they follow our standards of not asking for mandatory specifics or hardcore elements. They need to be cleared by the council, which is never a problem. We encourage you to be active and support your FC. Some classics are chocobo racing and hide & seek. All the times listed in all official VK-related media are in “ST” (or “Server Time”). Which is equal to the timezone GMT or UTC.
  • VOICE CHAT VK doesn’t use voice chat, some members flat out refuse to use this service, but we cater to all our members and provide our members all the options available. The freedom to choose to use a service we provide is yours. If you do choose to use this service please be mindful to also be involved with the games typing service or else some will miss out in knowing what a wonderful person you are.
  • VK STREAMS Some of our members like to stream their raids and dungeon runs.
  • DISCORD ACCESS Members will be given full access once accepted to VK within 48 hours. Tremendous amount of information is contained within and can be used to set up raids or just chat with your fellow vagabonds when not online.
  • Inactivity
    After 60 consecutive days of inactivity, you will be in the rank of lost in woods. This may sound harsh, but there are a couple of reasons for that, and I want you to at least try to understand our position. After 90 consecutive days of inactivity, you will be removed from VK without notice, unless a reason has been given for the absence. If you have a reason for your absence, we won’t kick you for 180 consecutive days. Reasons for this are simple VK aims for a healthy pool of members. Removing inactive members simply makes it easier to keep track of our numbers. Also having a massive amount of members looks good on forums but it is also deceiving to our future members. In order to keep VK going, we feel it is important to focus on the people we have and make everything transparent. To renew the 180 days period, you can just send us (the leaders and officers of VK) a short message (either post on forum, forum PM, steam, Discord etc), so we know that are you still alive and still “active” and not have completely left the game at all. Possibility for return If you were a previous member and that was discharged for being absent, just message us and you’ll be back in VK in no time.
  • Help a fellow Vagabond
    We are a social and relaxed FC. As such we can always use someone’s help but also if you need help, just ask in FC chat. It’s what keeps VK’s family feeling alive. Playing with your fellow vagabonds is always more fun than playing with duty finder stranger.
  • Miqo’te VS Lalafell There has been a (friendly) war between the two races within VK since ancient times. We do not advise you take this seriously as it encourages division, but its a small amount of banter to make those boring WOD runs fun.
  • Linkshell VK
    Contains all members that have left in good terms for whatever reason, secretly called VK Nation. A way to connect with all our members through out the server for help or just to chat.
  • Linkshell Scions
    Aetherial Scions is a hardcore FC that is our brother in arms since the beginning of time. Most of our past members that have desired a hardcore environment (including some of our previous leaders) have joined the “Scions” as we call them. Another great LS to meet previous members and members of our brother FC. Since our beginnings, 2-3 more FC’s have joined our alliance, making this Alliance one of the most powerful on the server – if not THE most powerful.

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